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Anjuna Village

Luxury hotel in GoaAnjuna is a beach village in Goa, situated around 18 kms away from the Capital city of Panjim. Anjuna Beach is one of the north Goa Beaches and its part of the 106 km coastline of Goa. Anjuna is a coastal village originally depending on fishing and the sea, but since the early 70’s has become a tourism dependant village. The Village of Anjuna, a five square mile area is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Hill overlooking the beach. Its church, St. Michael's Church, Anjuna, founded in 1595, is dedicated to S. Miguel, and celebrates the feasts of S. Miguel (September 29) and Nossa Senhora Advogada (second week of January). The "Albuquerque mansion" located nearby is one of the sight-seeing highlights of this beach.

Reasonable hotel in GoaAnjuna Beach

The beach is well-known for its spectacular natural splendor with swaying palms trees and soft white sands. The beach is marked by an extraordinary rocky pattern overlying a cove of white sand and black rock that juts out into the Sea. This part was known as the Jewel of Anjuna and called "Ozran". Anjuna Beach is also an idyllic place for parties held especially during Christmas and New Year. Tourists love enjoying the heavenly atmosphere of the glowing full-moon casting a spell and the soft frothy waves touching their feet. Anjuna beach is adjacent to Chapora fort.

Anjuna Market

Goa's one and only Flea Market is located in the beach village of Anjuna. During Wednesday, people arrive from all over India as well as the world to shop here. There is a large assortment of items for sale, and the place has a captivating atmosphere in its setting amid the palm trees and besides the Arabian Sea. It is a memorable beach shopping experience.

The Anjuna flea market starts at 8 am and closes at 6 pm. It is busiest in the early afternoon. Hawkers from Goa, India and even around the world come here to put up for sale their items and goods.

You can get all types of clothes, Nepali as well as Tibetan goods, embroidered items, incense, a good selection of jewelry, semiprecious stones, crystals, fancy knives, handicrafts, hammocks, bedspreads, and other items at the flea market. There are also several people who sell the latest techno tapes. There are good places to eat Indian, Israeli, or Western food. There are Ayurvedic doctors, professional hair cutters and hair stylists (foreigners),dreadlocks makers, and nose and body piercers.You can have your hair cut and colored in any style imaginable. You can also have different Henna designs painted on your body which look like tattoos.